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5 Symptoms of Mold Exposure in the Home

Keep an eye out for these warning signs to ensure the safety of your family.
Anyone residing in a residence may be exposed to a significant health risk due to mold infestation. Mold creates mycotoxins in addition to spores and allergens, which are also potentially hazardous compounds. These are all harmful to inhale or come into contact with.

You may be exposed to mold without your knowledge. Symptoms of mold exposure may not appear for up to six months, so the only way to tell whether you are exposed is to take a test or have a professional examine your home. If you suspect a member of your family has been exposed, keep an eye out for the following five symptoms.

Mold Exposure: Five Symptoms in the Home

1) Allergic reactions are a common sign of mold exposure. If you or someone in your home is allergic to mold, watch for signs such as sneezing, congestion, and watery or red eyes.

2) Chronic coughing is an indication that a person has been exposed to mold. This is caused by the mycotoxins found in most molds. If you cough often during the day for no obvious reason, this might indicate a problem in your home.

3) Fatigue – Fatigue is an indication that a person has been exposed to mold. Mold exposure causes fatigue and impairs people’ ability to focus on their daily duties.

4) Difficulty breathing – You may have difficulty breathing in your home or in the vicinity of an infestation. This is the result of mycotoxins, which are abundant in the majority of molds and are discharged into the air during blooms or water or drain line breaches. If you can’t catch your breath after leaving these spots, it might indicate an issue in your house that needs to be addressed immediately by a professional!

5) Irritation – This is the most frequent symptom, but it may be difficult to detect. After a few hours of exposure to mold in your home, you may feel irritable or agitated. This indicates that you’ve been exposed for a longer period of time than usual; address it immediately before the symptoms develop!

If you see any of these symptoms in your home, call a mold exposure professional immediately. The sooner you recognize and deal with the problem, the better off you will be! If you have children under 18 who suffer from allergies, it is imperative that you address the mold problem immediately.