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Allergens are collected and distributed throughout your space through air ducts.

Consider your air ducts to be a dusty piece of furniture to better understand how they affect your allergy symptoms. When you blow on a dusty bookshelf, the dust becomes airborne and covers your throat and nasal passages as it dissipates. Your eyes start to moisten and itch, you sneeze, and you may have difficulty breathing.
Take a look at your ductwork. Before an HVAC system can distribute hot or cold air throughout your house or office, it must first draw in unfiltered air that may contain any of the following:

Debris and dirt
Dander from pets
Keeping your environment clean is beneficial, but these allergens accumulate in your ducting over time. They are released into the air as the structure is heated or cooled, similar to blowing on a bookshelf.
Professional duct cleaning enhances air quality by removing common allergies, viruses, and germs. The air in your home or company becomes healthier to breathe, keeping your family or clients safe and reducing symptoms.