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Cleaning your dryer vent is an important part of fundamental house maintenance that you may not consider very often.

It’s time to clean your dryer vent if you see any of the following.

• Your clothes are taking longer to dry than normal.

• When you switch on your dryer, it creates a burning odor.

• When the dryer is turned on, it feels warm to the touch.

• There is a massive amount of lint in the lint bin every time you clean it.

• Debris is accumulating near the dryer hose.

• You haven’t had your dryer vent inspected in over a year.

Your parents probably taught you to empty the lint trap after each load of washing – and they were right! Remove any visible lint and vacuum any hard-to-reach areas before drying a new load. We recommend cleaning the dryer vent once a year or more frequently if:

You have a big family.

More family members equals more washing loads. The more washing you do, the more lint and debris builds up in the vent. If you see signs that your dryer vent needs cleaning, even if you had it done the previous year, it’s a good idea to get it done again.

You have pets.

There is pet hair all over the place! Especially in your dryer vent after wearing it on your garments all day.

Because dryer vents become blocked more rapidly when pets are present, it’s a good idea to have your dryer vent cleaned more frequently.

You have a lot of bedding to wash.

Have you ever noticed how full the lint trap is after you’ve washed your favorite blanket? Bulky laundry sheds far more than your average weekly load of clothes, so if you dry a lot of blankets, your vents may become blocked faster. We offer free quotes and competitive pricing for dryer vent cleaning. Contact us today at https://theodorprosllc.com/contact