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How to prep your air conditioning system for the summer

The first hot week of summer is really insane. There haven’t been many individuals who have used their air conditioning yet, and when they do, they have to scurry to have it fixed before it can be used again. When all of the heating and cooling firms are fully booked, it is normal for individuals to have to wait a few days before getting service. That means you may be caught in the heat for the whole stretch of hot weather with no access to air conditioning. Making sure your air conditioner is up and functioning before the first humid 90-degree day will help you avoid this hustle.
This is the correct location if you’re seeking ideas and recommendations on how to prepare your air conditioning system for the winter months ahead. In this section, we’ll go over some preventive maintenance advice as well as safety precautions you should follow before doing any work on your machine.

What you can do to help
Ensure that the electricity to your air conditioning system is turned off before proceeding. This is a typical error that may result in safety issues and more difficulties down the road. When turning off the electricity to your air conditioner, it is a good idea to do so from both the breaker box and the 240v disconnect that is directly attached to your air conditioner. The disconnect is often positioned immediately next to the air conditioner on the exterior of your home, and it is controlled by a lever that you may pull to turn it off.

Replace the furnace filter on a regular basis.
This seems to be a simple solution, yet it has the potential to resolve frequent problems. This may happen if the airflow to your furnace is limited, causing the AC coil within your furnace to get frozen. This may result in leaks in your furnace room as well as a general failure of the whole system.

Remove any debris from the outside unit.
During the course of autumn and winter, it’s possible that your outside unit accumulated a significant amount of leaves and other debris. It is critical to clean the unit of as much junk as possible before using it in order to guarantee that everything operates as intended. Also, attempt to clean the exterior of the condenser if at all possible. The fins on the exterior are made of metal, and they have the potential to accumulate dirt and debris and cause them to get clogged. You may clean it using a vacuum attachment that has a brush on it. Make careful to handle the metal fins with care so that they do not get bent.

Other ideas and tidbits of wisdom
Replace your old thermostat with a smart thermostat to save money and energy.
This may help your air conditioner function more effectively, allowing you to save money during the summer. Because of the customizable settings that they provide, it might also result in a more pleasant environment.

Leaks in your ductwork should be checked.
The use of aluminum duct tape is essential if you find any holes or leaks in your ventilation system. Keep in mind to contact a local heating and conditioning specialist if you discover any big disconnections or holes in your ductwork.
Make sure the drain line is clear.
Make sure the drain line that comes out of the coil box (at the top of your furnace) is not obstructed or clogged, as this can lead to more serious problems down the road.
Restore electricity to the system.
Remembering to reconnect the 240v disconnect outside and to switch the breaker back on might be a difficult task. Make a point of doing so when you’ve finished with your upkeep.