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How to Select the Best Filter for Your HVAC System

There will be many options when choosing an air filter for your HVAC system, but that doesn’t mean the procedure has to be complicated.
TOP INDOOR AIR has prepared this simple guide to assist you in selecting the finest filter for you and your home.
The size of the air filter you should choose isn’t always up to you; the filter must be an appropriate size for your HVAC system in order to perform properly.
If you’re unsure what size filter you need, see the owner’s manual that came with your system. If you don’t have the instructions, remove the old filter and take it to your local hardware or HVAC supply store.
A sales representative should be able to tell you what they have that will work with your system.
When you change your filter, it should slide right into place. If it’s too huge, replace it with a smaller one. When the filter is too small, air travels around it instead than through it.
Design of a Filter
After determining the quantity of filter necessary, the next step is to choose the kind of filter requested. The four main types are fiberglass, pleated, electrostatic, and washable.
Fiberglass filters are often inexpensive and disposable, yet they are effective at filtering large particles such as lint and dust. They are, however, less efficient than other types of filters for capturing small particles such as pollen.
Pleated filters are similarly one-time usage only. They have larger surface areas, which allows them to more efficiently trap particles.
There are reusable and disposable electrostatic filters available. As air passes through these specially engineered filters, strong static charges are created. Negatively charged particles attract positively charged particles and vice versa, enabling these filters to attract airborne pollutants like a magnet.
Washable filters are less common and often more expensive, but they only need to be changed every few years. As the name indicates, these filters may be cleaned by simply running water over them. When a significant amount of dust collects, their efficiency increases.
The frame, like the filter, may be made of a number of materials. The frames of air filters may be built of a number of materials, including cardboard and metal.
The most crucial elements to consider when choosing frames are how long you want your filter to last and the wattage of your HVAC system.
If you want to get a washable filter that will last for two years, you should spend a bit extra money on a more solid frame. Similarly, if your HVAC system moves air quickly, a cardboard frame may not be able to keep up.
Avoid problems by replacing it on a regular basis. This article, brought to you by the duct cleaning experts at TOP INDOOR AIR, will teach you all you need to know about replacing your filter.